Buckingham Steel Tree Climber

SKU: SB95059

A popular choice steel tree climber that has a contoured shank, offset stirrup and a dowel & screw replaceable gaff. Features 2239 nylon leg straps, 21391 nylon foot straps, and 3122 climber pads. Includes standard length sleeves, model 9204, adjusting from 16 1/4? to 18 3/4?. Long sleeves adjusting from 19 1/4? to 21 3/4? also available use model 9202. Add suffix ‘L’ to the climber part number for long sleeves.

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Features: Uniquely effective and easily sharpened spur design . The lightest aluminum climbers currently available. Meets ASTM standards for strength. Comfortable, integrated and washable padding system. Wide and secure Velcro cinch straps. Contoured design provides ankle relief. Adjustable from 41 to 48 cm, in 2 cm increments. **Please Note: Weight Limit on ALL Gecko® gaffs are 240 pounds WITH GEAR!!**Specifications: Weight: 4.80 lb. Certifications: Yes