Gas Powered Ground Rod and Post Driver – REDI Driver Inc.

SKU: RediClassic-52

The Revolutionary REDIclassic52 is the original driver that set the standard as the first gas powered ground rod and post driver on the market

Install grounding rods, anchors and build a fence faster and easier than ever before with the new RediDriver® gas powered post driver. At RediDriver®, they believe in simplicity and performance!  They offer simple systems that cover a wide variety of applications.

With a 2” guide tube the Rediclassic52 is perfect for driving grounding rods, anchors, t-posts, smaller fence posts, and rebar.

Powered by authentic HONDA 1.6 HP engine. RediDriver offers the best 3 year warranty on the market

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This Honda gas powered ground rod and post driver has quickly become a best seller because it’s gasoline powered, lightweight and self contained. No more pneumatic driver, which means no more towing, starting & stopping, or unraveling.

Exclusive accessories that is offered for custom applications:

  • handle extension kits
  • adapters for profiles over 3″
  • custom adapters for U-channel sign posts
  • custom adapters for Carsonite type guide posts
  • variety of reducer sleeves for different profiles
  • custom adapter for square metal posts
  • all accessories and adapters are made in the USA