2.5′ Handle Extension Kit For Gas Powered Ground Rod And Post Driver #REDIClassic-52 or #REDIBoss78

SKU: REDIhndlkit2-5

Exclusive to REDI Driver! This handle extension kit includes everything you will need and can be added to any model of REDI Driver Gas Powered Ground Rod and Post Driver. Provides you with over 2′ of extra handle length…. no more ladders when driving taller posts! The kit can also be reversed to eliminate the need for bending over when driving stakes into the ground!

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High grade solid aluminum for minimum amount of added weight to the REDI Driver
-Kit comes complete with throttle trigger & extended cables
-All the necessary parts for installing onto your existing REDI Driver
-Non slip padded handle grip for added comfort to the operator
-Approximate overall length is 2 1/2 feet
-Applications: all types of posts up to 8′ or 9′ tall