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TiiGER #4001D Pole Puller

SKU: 4001D

At 57 pounds, TiiGER’s Pole Puller is the lightest and safest on the market.

The 4001D Pole Puller utilizes a swivel and back plate combined with a chain for maximum grip as the hydraulic cylinder removes the pole. The pole puller can be disassembled for easy transport and storage.

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  • The safe, efficient way to remove poles
  • Reduces boom damage and maintenance cost resulting from pulling poles
  • Dramatically increases productivity and cuts time
  • Hook assembly manufactured with all stainless steel components
  • Base plate has the lowest possible center of gravity, minimizing tipping
  • Alloy chain is proof-tested for durability and strength
  • Low point of attachment allows chain and back plate to grip cut poles up to 14-inches from the ground