Hayauchi Pole Saw

SKU: SI-179-39

A 15 2/5 inch curved and sharpenable blade with a hard chrome finish and precision-ground 5.5 teeth per inch. Blade also boasts SILKY 4 RETSUME (four rows of teeth) Technology:teeth are set in such a way that there appears to be 4 rows of them!Extension range is 8 to 21 feet or 2440mm to 6300mm. Blade can be adjusted to two different angles and features an upper and lower sickle for cutting vines and undercutting bark, Respectively. Oval cross sectioned aluminum alloy pole extensions adds to the durability of this piece of professional equipment while two locking systems further push the quality envelope. Structural rigidity is assured by spring loaded locking buttons and friction clamps working in tandem to assure rock solidness even at full extension. Best Polesaw in the world. 

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